Stand Patio Heater Bullet Shape

Stand Patio Heater Bullet Shape
  • Stand Patio Heater Bullet Shape
  • Stand Patio Heater Bullet Shape
  • Stand Patio Heater Bullet Shape
  • Stand Patio Heater Bullet Shape

Patio Heater ,gas heater , propane heater

  • Product No.: YR-101 Bullet


Bullet Patio Heater | garden heater , Bullet Shape

A patio heater (also called gas heater) is a   radiant heating
appliance for generating thermal radiation  for outdoor use.
Our bullet patio heater combines the highest quality with powerful heat output and attractive design.

It features a heavy duty anodized alumimum 81 cm reflector. The
 reflector at the top of the burner reflects heat that would be otherwise lost upwards. This is because the sliver Aluminum dome is an excellent conductor at reflecting infra-red radiation back.


A burner on top of the  post, burns LPG, propane or butane , and directs the flames against a perforated metal screen.  It delivers an amazing power of 13 KW. Heat is radiated from the surface of the screen in a circular pattern around the appliance with could cover 3 to 5 meter diameter area. This unit also features a piezo electric ignition system and wheels for easy mobility. This superior patio heater is perfect for the serious outdoor entertainer.

The Ideal Heater with favourable pricing



Painted steel heater with corrosion protection.

Wheels to falicitate transport included.

Elegant black/White/Hammered grey /mocha etc finish.

Capacity: minimum 5KW , maximum 13KW.

Adaptable to both butane and propane.

Consumption :450-870 g/h

All models incorporate a GSD system , which is a safely device that cuts the gas supply in case of the gas patio heater would topple over.

This heater and its components are approved by EC.

It does not give off gas or odor , and it is practically soundless and it raises no dust.

The burner and its components are made of stainless steel 304.

Dimensions:reflector  diameter :813mm , Height 2250mm

Loading : 152/315/375 pcs per 20/40 ’ GP/40 ’ HC


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